SLIM steel furniture24 March 2022

Recently, an unusual collection has been added to ILUSI’s offer – SLIM. We will tell you about it here with great pleasure!

Colorful, minimalist SLIM MOD shelves were created from only two modules, but they have plenty of endless design possibilities. This furniture is made of steel, with a simple but functional form. Their size and color can be adapted to any space.

The collection consists of modular shelves, consisting of steel cubes in various configurations. We can create endlessly – in line with our slogan “start simple, be creative”. It is complemented by smaller elements such as tables, shelves, individual cubes, consoles, which can be an independent element of interior design.

SLIM fits perfectly into any interior and interior style. We can confidently dedicate this collection to both residential, hotel, office and commercial interiors.

With the SLIM collection, we can easily arrange the entire space of a boutique, living room, foyer or complete the finished project with one detail. A feature of SLIM is its flexibility and the ability to adapt to the user’s needs. Cubes can be open and closed on one or two sides. We can also hang them if the need arises.

Minimalistic form, original colors, 100% functionality. Modern and stylish, built with passion. This is what the SLIM collection is like ❤️

Do you want to see what SLIM production looks like? Take a look here

And the SLIM MOD18 bookcase in one color version, take a look here

And SLIM is rushing SLIM BENT – ah, it’s just a firecracker!

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Interested? Jump to the collection page SLIM.
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