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An absolute novelty in the ILUSI family. This furniture is made of steel, made of only two modules, but with great passion and lots of endless ideas. Minimalistic, modular, elegant at the same time in amazing colors. Let yourself be enchanted!

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An unusual line of furniture, whose beauty of form is emphasized by milled fronts and architectural lines. Unique design and meticulously crafted details guarantee the highest quality and timelessness.

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Exceptional collections of sensory furniture for children that move the senses - literally. Thoughtful design, elements stimulating the senses make furniture a unique product.

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ILUSI Furniture is a promise of quality that you can feel. We create furniture with timeless design that allows you to rediscover yourself through a variety of stimuli. Our products, apart from their functional function and unique aesthetics, arouse the curiosity of users, who can feel experiences on many levels, far beyond the notion of beauty, quality and functionality of a given object. You feel it as well!

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of Showrooms where ILUSI furniture has been placed. Everyone can take a closer look at the furniture, touch it and feel the richness of the experience resulting from our love for details. See for yourself that IllusI influences your senses.

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In the ILUSI gallery you will find a lot of interesting interior design with our furniture in the main role, which will help you to beautifully manage the space of the living room or children's room. Find an inspiring solution for yourself.



Are you an Architect, Designer looking for unique elements of interior design? If you also care about products that magically attract, combining beauty, functionality and the highest quality, we invite you to cooperate with us. ILUSI is a 100% Polish design that focuses on excellent quality materials and the highest quality of workmanship.


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