Ilusi  is  more  than  objects.  It  is  a  Sense  of  Living


ILUSI was born out of fascination with interiors, passion for creation, striving for simplicity and originality and the desire to give happiness to its customers.

We believe that success begins with people and ends with the happiness of the user, who gives our furniture a new dimension. We are passionate about products and interiors with a lasting character.

ILUSI is a modern, high-quality and original design that combines minimalism of form with sophisticated detail. We are proud to create our furniture, knowing that everyone will have their own long history.


We want to stand out, inspire and bring a smile of happiness. ILUSI’s mission is to show that furniture is something more than just beautiful objects fulfilling their given functions, it is to create a unique relationship between a piece of furniture and a user.

We use unique materials and meticulously crafted details, hand-polished elements to deliver a product that will react with the users so that they can feel the difference in texture, the three-dimensionality of the elements, but also observe the variable, refractory light, discovering the furniture anew through a variety of stimuli.

Interesting and child-friendly sensory furniture that is easy to feel is our philosophy. ILUSI furniture has a positive impact on its small users every day. When we observe children and their reaction to our furniture, we know that we do what is important, necessary and fun.


At ILUSI we believe that furniture is something more than just utility objects. We feel a great responsibility on our part.

Our vision is to develop and make the collection perfect. We would like the furniture to be placed in exceptional houses, being the central point there. To be such a designer gem, which you do not want to part with, which you want to preserve for years to come.

We strive to make our products, apart from functionality and unique aesthetics, arise the curiosity of users, who will be able to make experiences on many levels – experiences that go beyond the notion of beauty, quality and functionality of a given object. We focus on sustainable and responsible development.

We believe that longevity is closely linked to quality and that quality products should be manufactured from the best local materials. We are certain that the highest quality materials selected by our team with the highest care and timeless design – will make each of our furniture be for you service for years.


It wouldn't take much to change your interior. ILUSI will help you with that. Our furniture gives new meaning to rooms and emphasizes their personal character.


We are passionate about products and interiors with a lasting character. We sincerely believe in the uniqueness of our products and values.


We create furniture that goes beyond conventional boundaries and has a strong impact on the senses.

Discover  our  Values

Poland’s excellence

ILUSI are Polish designers and Polish products made of 100% native materials.

Sensation of high-end materials

The best raw materials are used in production, and careful processing creates details, textures, three-dimensionality – so that you can feel the uniqueness of our furniture.


The process of designing our furniture is based on experience, providing users with an experience that they have never experienced before.

We are guided by the principle of looking at our customers from a customer perspective, always trying to understand their needs. We know that it is important to create beautiful products of good quality, which can delight in a surprising way.

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