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A collection of unique furniture in which the beauty of the form is emphasized by the characteristic milled fronts. The slanted striped pattern is an extremely stylish bow towards timeless design trends. LINEA furniture from the LINEA collection presents itself perfectly in extraordinary interiors and successfully gives a unique character to classic spaces.

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A line of unique furniture, combining original design and aesthetic minimalism. Chests of drawers and cabinets with clean lines give new meaning to the rooms and emphasize their personal character. Exceptional materials, intriguing colours and meticulously crafted details allow you to rediscover the value of furniture.

The collection is characterized by minimalism, excellent quality and design at the highest level combined with functionality. The slanted striped pattern is a stylish bow to the latest design trends, and the minimalist form is a factor ensuring timelessness.

Our furniture does not determine the space, but it is its strong point. Designed to showcase and enjoy this modest uniqueness for years to come.

The furniture presents itself beautifully in unusual interiors and gives a unique character to classic spaces. The Linea collection satisfies the tastes of customers who value individualism.


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