Are you curious how ILUSI furniture is made? Today we invite you to the studio, to lift the veil of secrecy.

The process of creating ILUSI furniture is one of the most important and most pleasant elements of our work. When an idea begins to sprout in your head, it’s a good time to start acting. Initially, our designers make loose sketches, venting invention and pouring it on paper. Free drawings, references to invoices appear, the first outlines of characters – the main characters of children’s furniture, the first shapes, geometric forms, various compositions and suggestions of subtle details become visible. We carry out the selection and combine matching elements, get rid of chaos, choosing the form closest to the dream idea.

We consult this with small users – children who are the first reviewers and they point to ideas, assessing each of them.

Often on the way, both in the head and in the sketchbook, we come across surprising solutions that are a perfect complement to the original concept. We try to keep our finger on the pulse and reduce the number of elements to a minimum, sticking to the idea that less is more. At some point, the dream moment comes – when we feel that it is the moment when we no longer need to add or subtract anything. A well-balanced form and details giving character to the whole, which are a variation on the whole, were composed with each other, creating a coherent whole. We have it – ideal!

However, until the end of the design, there are still a few steps left – the ideas are reflected, they go to the graphics program. Professional-looking solids and shapes are created that show the final effect in an almost tangible way. Visualizations that meet expectations give us incredible joy and a sense of accomplishment, we are waiting impatiently for the whole vision to become reality. The choice of materials is the next step.

We hope that when using ILUSI furniture, you will feel this kind of happiness we feel when creating them.


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